Perceptions of urban green infrastructure in two contrasting municipalities of the metropolitan area of Athens, Greece

Karanikola, P., Panagopoulos, T., Tampakis, S., Simoglou, G., Tzelepi, A. (2023)


The primary goal of urban parks and green spaces is to provide ecosystem services, not only for the visitors that use them but also for the entire urban population. Athens metropolitan area has a limited number of green spaces. The present paper uses a structured questionnaire to record residents’ views in two socioeconomically contrasting municipalities of Athens concerning the urban green infrastructure of their municipality. More specifically, the residents were asked to evaluate the parks and green spaces regarding their amount and size, suitable design, safety for children, the variety and care of plants, and the facilities for people with disabilities. They were also asked to record problems such as noise pollution, a mess from stray animals or pets, unpleasant odors, lack of information, signposting, and other facilities. The resident’s satisfaction regarding the local authorities and their contribution towards improving parks and green spaces were also evaluated. Additionally, the residents were asked for satisfaction concerning their well-being and their intention to give more money to buy a house with a view to green space.

Keywords: Outdoor recreation; Public acceptance; Green infrastructure; Well-being; Nature perception

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