1-Methylcyclopropene and lemongrass essential oil nanocoatings effect on the preservation of cold stored ‘Rocha’ pear

Gago, C., Guerreiro, A., Cruz, S., Martins, N., Cabrita, M. J., Miguel, M. G., Faleiro, M. L., Antunes, M. D. (2022)


The effects of coating ‘Rocha’ pear with alginate-based nanoemulsions enriched with lemongrass essential oil (LG) was evaluated and compared to the usual 1-MCP treatment. Fruit were treated with 1-MCP (312 nL L−1) or coated with nanoemulsions: sodium alginate 2 % (w/w) + lemongrass essential oil 1.25 % (w/w) (LG 1.25 %) or lemongrass essential oil 2.5 % (w/w) (LG 2.5 %). Then, fruit were stored at 0 °C and 90–95 % relative humidity (RH), for eight months. Fruit samples were collected at harvest and after two, four, six and eight months of cold storage, and then transferred to shelf-life at 22 °C. Upon removal and after 7 d shelf-life, fruit symptoms of superficial scald and internal browning, ethylene production, color CIE (L*, hue), firmness, soluble solids content (SSC), titratable acidity (TA), weight loss, electrolytic leakage (EL), antioxidant activity and fatty acids of pear peel, microbial growth and sensory analyses were evaluated. Coatings and 1-MCP reduced fruit color evolution and preserved better firmness than control. Coatings and 1-MCP did not affect SSC and TA. Treatments did not influence the sensory quality. Microbial growth was within the safety limits in all treatments. Treatments with 1-MCP and LG-nanoemulsions were similarly efficient to reduce superficial scald, nevertheless the LG-nanoemulsions showed higher internal disorders after 8 months of storage and LG 2.5 % had higher decay at the same period, similar to control. 1-MCP treated fruit had the lowest softening rate after shelf-life up to 4 months and LG 2.5 % showed higher weight loss. Also, ethylene production was higher in control and LG 1.25 % up to 6 months plus shelf-life, while after 8 months there was no difference among treatments. This study suggests that 1-MCP is the most efficient for preserving quality of ‘Rocha’ pear for 8 months, while up to 6 months the best effect is obtained with LG 1.25 % nanocoatings.

Keywords: Pyrus communis; Nanoemulsions; Ripening; Scald; Quality; 1-MCP; Internal browning

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